What to Expect


Radiant Roofing is an expert in dealing with your insurance claim. We have an experienced sales staff that can assist you with your insurance claim either by meeting your adjuster at the home or business, or simply helping you understand your paperwork after the adjuster has assessed your roof damage. We will assist you in getting full value for the replacement or repair of your roof.

Radiant Roofing knows that any construction project at your home can be an overwhelming event. We set expectations so that there are no surprises during the roofing process.

    1. The Radiant Roofing sales associate assigned to your project will see it thru from beginning to completion.
    2. After the contract is signed our salesman will place a sign in your yard to let others know your contractor of choice.
    3. We will coordinate with you on a material drop date and an installation date.
    4. The material is loaded on the roof by the supplier.  We will need access to one side of your driveway so we ask that you plan accordingly.
    5. The day the material is delivered our sales associate will confirm that the order is correct for the crews to begin construction the following day.  At this time we require half of the contract amount.
    6. We generally start construction shortly after daybreak and if needed work until dark to optimize working hours.
    7. We ask that you leave gates unlocked to allow for access around the perimeter of your home.  We also request that all animals be contained while our crews are on the premises.
    8. We  will need access to the vacant side of your driveway for our trailer to collect the existing roof when removed.
    9. Most  of the debris can be walked to the trailer from the roof.  However, some material will end up in the yard where a crew member will be cleaning periodically during the process.
    10. Upon   completion, the crews will check the yard for missed debris and also run a bar magnet to collect any loose metal or nails.
    11. Most  jobs will take one to two days to complete.
    12. The day after completion the sales associate will make a quality assurance walk of your roof.  He will check the yard for any debris and run his own magnet over the yard to make sure all loose nails and metal are removed.  If      applicable, we will need access to the attic to inspect all gas vent pipes penetrating the roof for any disconnections.  If they are disconnected, he will reconnect them at that time.
    13. Once everything is in order the sales associate will deliver the invoice for the balance.  If the project is an insurance claim, you will need to send your invoice to your insurance company, or we can if you prefer, for recovery of your depreciation.
    14. Our terms are net 7.  If it is an insurance claim, as a courtesy, we will allow 14 calendar days for you to receive your check from your insurance company.  Your insurance company will send you the depreciation check made out to you and typically in about 10 days.  However, our contract is with you and not the insurance company, so after 14 calendar days we require payment.  We are not responsible for your insurance company getting you your check in a timely manner.